Preventive Care

Prepare their teeth for a century of living!

Pediatric dentistry is the hallmark of preventative dentistry.  Advances in health and human longevity mean many children born in the first part of this century will also see the first part of the next century. A far greater percentage than ever before will have all their teeth with few or no cavities.

Will your kids’ teeth be up for the journey?

Good oral hygiene habits, preventative care begin at Kids Smile.  Regular cleanings, fluoride therapy and thorough check-ups should begin after your child’s first birthday or first 6 teeth. Placement of Sealants on permanent molars as soon as they are erupted, or on baby teeth as needed. AAPD guidelines recommend the care of a pediatric dentist as the primary provider of dental care for children through high school.  At Kids Smile we continue to see our high school graduates throughout their college years.

The pediatric dental team at Kids smile has advanced training in:

  • Formative dental care; including evaluation of frenum attachment for successful nursing of newborns.
  • Jaw and muscle development; including breaking thumb, finger or tongue sucking habits.
  • Fighting tooth decay and decay transfer to permanent teeth.
  • Assisting with management of space and positioning of emerging teeth
  • Attending to young and special needs children and teenagers and young adults.
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