Emergency Care

Accidents happen; a decayed tooth that was not bothersome becomes unbearably painful overnight; Severe infection resulting in swollen face; Broken or loose space maintainers from the caramel candy that should have been avoided. At Kids Smile we understand that emergencies rarely occur at convenient times. We are available most days for emergency appointments. If your child’s emergency is after business hours or on the weekend, please leave a message on the office voicemail which is switched to Dr. Dawn’s cell phone after hours. Dr. Dawn is available most times to come into the office after hours for her patients of record.

Please use the following guidelines to help maintain vitality of teeth following trauma to your child’s teeth:

  • Avulsed (knocked-out tooth):

    If permanent tooth is lost due to trauma, locate the tooth, hold it by the crown, if there visible debris rinse quickly with cold water(do not scrub or touch the root) and gently put the tooth back in the socket. If not able to, put the tooth in cold milk or saline water and call your dentist. For every 15 minutes the tooth is out of the socket the chance of maintaining tooth vitality id reduced significantly up to 60 minutes. If it is a baby tooth DO NOT replant!!

  • Broken tooth:

    If tooth fracture is significant resulting in exposure of nerve (bleeding from tooth not from gum) call your dentist.

  • Loose tooth due to trauma:

    Have child bite gently on a tissue or soft cloth; avoid eating on the tooth or soft diet and call your dentist.

  • Toothache, swollen face due to abscessed tooth:

    Call your dentist or go urgent care or Emergency room.

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